About Us

The Personal Development Center researches the inner powers of individuals from an experiential, physiological and historical basis. These personal powers can be used by individuals to become essentially as gods in changing themselves and improving the world. The Personal Development Center re-translates ancient documents that describe inner powers and has studied the modern application of ancient techniques with hundreds of volunteers in public classes for nearly three decades.

Personal Development Center Goals

>> Re-establish the ancient wisdom that has been lost because of the distortions promulgated by religion, Academia, Big Business, and Government.

>> Provide recently recovered information on how to counteract the suppressive conditioning placed on the body and brain which begins during the social conformity of adolescence.

>> Examine, through philosophy and philology, the richness and power of words related to inner powers and the interaction of individuals with these powers and determine how the words’ original meanings have been changed or lost causing a denigration of ancient universal knowledge.

>> Disseminate the results of our research through this website and through our publications.

>> Encourage curious seekers to fully examine our findings and become a power in assisting others  to uncover the suppressed truths.

Personal Development Center History

The Personal Development Center began in 1975 in response to the large numbers of Americans who were curious about and interested in investigating some of the ancient yogic practices from India which at the time were literally sweeping the United States.

Robert L. Peck, a well-recognized scientist in the field of energy conversion and storage, has directed the Personal Development Center since its beginning. While working as a supervisor in a research laboratory, Peck started teaching an ancient form of active meditation free of charge in his off-hours. His classes became in wide demand and he started teaching Eastern philosophy and practices in adult education programs, in church basements, and at the local university. In exchange for his free teachings, Peck required students to experiment with other ancient practices that increased the inner powers. Because of the demands for more from his students, Peck had to learn Sanskrit and Greek and read many obscure documents that led finally to his learning of the modern world’s large-scale obscuration of the earlier teachings. Later Peck found further support for the power of the early teachings in the translation of the hidden Parātriṃśikā which describes how the superior people of the Indus Valley Civilization obtained their creative powers to build the world’s first eutopian proto-civilization. 

Over the years Peck was joined in his work by other very competent scholars and teachers who assisted in the further activities of the Personal Development Center as books were written and the interaction of the students expanded into working with special relationships long forgotten in the rise of institutional control over individuals.

The Personal Development Center has relied upon volunteers and public classes for the experimental investigations of old techniques and their verification. Our research proceeds step-by-step with each step being recorded in a published book. The steps seem to become larger and larger as past and present, science and religion merge closer together as evidenced in our latest three books, Controlling Your Hormones, Joy and Evolution and Directing Life. Because of the strong opposition by fundamentalists of various religions to the re-translations and re-interpretation of their religious documents, the Personal Development Center’s hundreds of contributors remain anonymous with only the principle authors being identified. The Personal Development Center does, however, welcome legitimate requests for further information through this website.